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Style Guides

I've had the privilege of contributing to numerous expansive Style Guides, each meticulously crafted to encapsulate the visual essence of a brand or television show. These comprehensive guides serve as blueprints for a cohesive graphic identity, extending seamlessly across a diverse array of products spanning both print and physical merchandise. Within these guides, I've skillfully integrated character artwork, intricate patterns, distinctive badges, captivating graphics, and inspired packaging concepts. Each element harmoniously interacts to showcase the versatility and allure of the overarching visual style, providing invaluable inspiration and direction for all facets of product development and marketing. 

RSPCA licensing Style Guide artwork by Vicky Faulkner Design

Licensing Style Guide

Client: RSPCA


The RSPCA were delighted with the illustrations I produced for their licensing program. This cost-effective solution not only met their budgetary constraints but also yielded a wealth of stylish product ideas. These illustrations injected a modern flair into their brand, providing a refreshing boost that resonated with their audience.

Everything's Rosie Style Guide Designed by Vicky Faulkner Design

Everything's Rosie
Licensing Style Guide

Client: V&S Entertainment


In collaboration with As Everything's Rosie for their third series of the children's TV show, a revitalised licensing program was in order. The style guide was  brimming with lively backgrounds, captivating icons, strategic graphic placements, and innovative concepts. Overcoming the challenge of directing the artistic process, I provided art direction for over 120 vector illustrations of the show's beloved 3D characters, coordinating with an artist based in India.

Who wants to be a millionaire Style Guide update by Vicky Faulkner

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
Brand Guidelines Refresh

Client: Sony


I revamped the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" logo for international print and online usage, while retaining its iconic essence. I also created new design elements like backgrounds and icons. Additionally, I adapted the design for the spin-off show, "Millionaire HOT SEAT," ensuring consistency and appeal across platforms.

Peel car licensing Style Guide by Vicky Faulkner Design

Licensing Style Guide

Client: Peel Engineering 


After the Peel cars publicity on Dragons Den and Top Gear, The smallest car in the world started a Licensing Programme. I created designs using inspiration from 60s pop art which resulted in a funky, quirky and retro style guide packed with great ideas to use on licensed product.

Gem Fairies Licensing Style Guide artwork by Vicky Faulkner Design

Gem Fairies
Licensing Style Guide

Client: Gemma International


Gem Fairies was firmly established on greetings cards - an English version of Disney Fairies. The existing character art needed a style guide to launch the brand further into licensing.


I designed backgrounds, icons, packaging and clothes, along with a new logo and pages of product ideas.

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