Character Design

I got into creating characters for licensing with some former colleagues. We created style guides for other brands, so why not create our own brands and own the Intellectual rights too? 


Licensing Brand


Luv me buddies had 15 licensing deals, a Kinder Egg, An Nintendo W11 game, soft toys, bath and body products and 33,000 Facebook followers, a full style guide and many other products in the pipeline.

Consisting of 27 characters with 6 heroes this fun quirky brand goes across anything from soft toys, apparel and stationary, there is no end to the possibilities and it's lovable appeal.


Licensing Brand


Bob the scotty dog unconditionally loves Peski the ginger tabby cat, but Peski treats Bob in an aloof manner that can only be expected of any cat.

Bob & Peski started as greetings cards, but this lovable duo works well across a broad range of homeware and stationery too.


Book character


Katy Cartwheel is up to no good. Her favourite way to get around is to cartwheel with her faithful dog, handstand. They get into all kinds of drastic, dangerous and hilarious situations.

This children's book is WIP, on going... this space....


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