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Packaging Design

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Be it hand cream, baby beverages, or screen wipes, the impact of impeccable packaging design remains consistent. A compelling packaging aesthetic has the remarkable ability to evoke an immediate sense of affection and desire, compelling consumers to make a purchase without hesitation.

Client: Universal Brands


Universal Brands specialises in the creation and production of luxurious bath and body gift sets, crafting an assortment of offerings throughout the year for distribution to prominent retailers. Collaborating closely with them, I consistently contribute fresh designs and innovative concepts that align seamlessly with prevailing trends across all seasons.

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Bath & Body Packaging Design concepts by Vicky Faulkner Design
Bath & Body Packaging Design concepts by Vicky Faulkner Design
Bath & Body Packaging Design concepts by Vicky Faulkner Design

Bath & Body product and packaging

Client: Universal brands


Here's what happens to my bath and body packaging designs when they are made up! Don't they look amazing.

Kids Drink concept designs by Vicky Faulkner Design

Mibaby drink concept

Client: Hunter Extreme


Tasked with creating designs for wholesome fruit water beverages tailored for toddlers, I drew upon my personal experience as a parent to resonate with the target market. Infused with Australian animal characters, the designs captured the essence of both healthfulness and childlike wonder. The client expressed sheer delight upon viewing the finalized concepts, affirming their alignment with the brand's vision and objectives.

Screen Bug Counter top design by Vicky Faulkner Design

Screen Bug counter top

Client: Screen Bugs


I conceptualised and designed a versatile counter display unit and branding specifically crafted to showcase vibrant screen wipes. This display seamlessly transitions from a compact box for easy storage to an eye-catching counter display, ingeniously highlighting the wipes' usage and distinctive features. Its dynamic design not only captivates attention but also effectively communicates the product's value to potential customers.


Elivar Sports Nutrition Packaging

Client: Elivar


Elivar is a specialized sports nutrition drink catering to the discerning tastes of the 'Mamil' demographic – Middle-Aged Men in Lycra. Tailored to meet the unique dietary needs of this active cohort, Elivar provides essential nourishment for older men engaged in sporting pursuits, ensuring they perform at their peak and recover optimally.

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