Presentation Materials

Creating stunning looking presentation materials is important for any business. Whether it's a pdf, email or powerpoint presentation, getting your message across in a striking powerful way will get you everywhere.

TV Series deck

Client: NBC Universal


With only a few photos to work with and a name, I came up with a look for this TV series presentation deck to help persuade the TV networks to buy the series.

Channel One Sheets

Client: NBC Universal


The Client needed a set of one sheets for each of their TV channels focusing on their key shows.

Professional, glossy looking powerpoint presentations were also made for each channel.


Client: Datadial


This digial agency needed a template to create regular case studies of their projects to send to their clients.


Client: Sporting Agenda


Sporting Agenda had a dated amateur-ish presentation put together in-house. They needed something professional looking and smart to show their clients what a fantastic service they offer.

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