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About me

With now over 20 years working as a graphic designer I have recently traded beloved, dynamic London for the serene countryside of Stroud in the Cotswolds, I've wholeheartedly embraced the charms of country life alongside my husband and children. As a seasoned freelance graphic designer, I find joy in crafting stunning, professional, and unforgettable designs that meet the highest standards.

Throughout my career, I've had the pleasure of collaborating with a diverse array of clients and agencies across various industries. I co-led a dynamic creative agency, where we catered to clients in entertainment, retail, food and beverage, and licensing. Together with my team, we delivered bespoke design solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and aspirations.

Although the agency bid farewell in 2015, I embarked on a new adventure armed with over 20 years of design expertise, all while relishing the joys of motherhood. My repertoire encompasses a wide range of graphic design disciplines, spanning both print and online realms. Whether it's advertising, editorial design, branding, logos, illustration, typography, marketing collateral, or merchandise, I approach each project with enthusiasm and creativity, ensuring a memorable outcome every time.

My design roots

With a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, my career commenced at Communicator, a Sales promotion agency, where I delved into the world of marketing and advertising. Freelancing around esteemed agencies like The Marketing Store, Landor Associates, Triangle, Brewer Blackler, and Haygarth Design further honed my skills.

Along the way, I collaborated with an entrepreneur keen on creating graphic novels for a fairy character, reminiscent of those popular in Japan. This venture led to the creation of six captivating graphic novels, a TV show, and a magazine, among other projects, under the banner of Lavish, a creative agency we established in Piccadilly Circus. Specialising in style guides for licensing, we catered to notable clients like the BBC, NBC Universal, and ITV, venturing into the entertainment industry with brands like 'Everything’s Rosie' and the RSPCA.

Afterward, I embraced motherhood, transitioning to freelance work to balance career and family life. This setup allows me to work efficiently on a project basis while cherishing precious moments with my children. As the saying goes, "if you want a job done, ask a busy mum!"

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