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About me

I am an experienced multi-disciplined freelance graphic designer based in London. I love to create, stunning, beautiful, professional and memorable design to a very high standard. I have had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients and worked in many agencies across London. 


I spent 7 years as a partner in a creative agency where we employed 8 people, our clients were in entertainment, retail, food and drink and the licensing industry. The agency closed in 2015 to go on to pastures new, now with over 15 years design experience, I went on to have 2 children and now work for myself.


I specialise in many forms of graphic design for print and online, these include, advertising, editorial, branding, logos, illustration, typography, marketing and merchandise.

My design roots

With a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design my career started at an agency called Communicator, in the Sales promotion industry, which taught me about marketing and advertising. I learned how graphic design can be used to lift sales and sell more. I then spent several years freelancing around agencies such as The Marketing Store, Landor Associates, Triangle, Brewer Blackler and Haygarth Design.


I met an interesting entrepreneur along the way who wanted to create graphic novels for a fairy character, like they have in Japan. My illustrator colleague at the time impressed him with his drawing of a fairy and we set up a team where we created 6 beautiful graphic novels, a TV show, a magazine and on it went, we had several other brands too.


From this, my team set up Lavish, a creative agency based in Piccadilly Circus. We were 3 partners with different skills and had clients such as The BBC, NBC Universal and ITV, we had veered into the entertainment industry. I started to specialise in style guides for licensing, one for the TV show 'Everything’s Rosie' and the RSPCA, then there was Peel - the smallest car in the world. That’s where we started to create our own brands for licensing and created Luv me Buddies, Bob & Peski, Citizen Panda and the Pet Poets Club. We were crazy doing all that work, but it was an extremely creative time!


I then went to to have 2 children, and working freelance now suits me very well, it allows me to work on a project basis and spend time with my gorgeous babies. I work efficiently and effectively, there is a saying, if you want a job done, ask a busy mum!

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